Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Let Our New York Construction Accident Attorneys Help

Sections 200, 240 and 241 of the New York Labor Law have been the protectors of construction workers on job sites in New York for more than 100 years. Under the law, employers have an obligation to protect the safety of their employees. The law is enforceable equally against property owners, construction company employers and general contractors. Over the past several years, however, the courts have increasingly been narrowing the scope of the protection afforded to workers, in part because of economic pressures on builders.

Our attorneys are experienced, knowledgeable and energetic on behalf of our clients. That is the type of attorney you need when seeking assistance after a construction accident injury.

We have helped union members and non-union construction workers working in all New York building and construction trades. This is only a partial list of the construction workers we have helped over the years:

  • Painters
  • Ironworkers, welders and sheet metal workers
  • Carpenters, carpet layers and cabinet makers
  • Electrical workers and plumbers
  • Construction truck drivers
  • All other construction trades
  • Crane accidents
  • Road construction accidents

We Go Beyond Workers’ Compensation to Fight for Maximum Damages

The economic disparity between the individual construction worker and the owner of the construction company is very large. As an employee, you may feel as if your only option after being injured on the job in a construction site accident is to file for workers’ compensation or disability.

At Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C., our New York construction accident attorneys stand up and fight toe-to-toe with insurance companies that insure crane contractors, scaffolding companies, property owners and subcontractors who may be held liable for your injuries. Our NYC trial attorneys work with your workers’ comp lawyer to help you obtain maximum recovery from third parties who may be proven negligent.

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Call us at 212-227-6260 or contact us by e-mail for a free initial consultation to discuss your construction site accident work injury. We are experienced New York trial attorneys who know the law. We will give you a full and honest assessment of your case and whether you have a legitimate case for a lawsuit against a specific subcontractor, property owner or your employer. Our New York construction accident attorneys take your case beyond workers’ compensation.