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Woman suffers amputations after failure to diagnose sepsis

On behalf of of Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C. posted in Medical Malpractice on Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

When a person visits a hospital emergency room with a serious health issue, medical professionals are often required to make quick decisions regarding treatment. Doctors and nurses in New York are subjected to intensive training in order to prepare for similar situations. Unfortunately in some cases, failure to diagnose and treat a condition in a timely manner can result in serious harm to the health of a patient.

Recently in another state, a woman was awarded a substantial monetary judgment after she was forced to undergo multiple amputations. Reportedly, medical professionals failed to notice that the woman had sepsis, which can be life-threatening if not properly addressed and treated. She was subsequently forced to endure amputations on both legs below her knees, as well as one arm around the elbow and several fingers on the other.

The woman claims that upon arrival at the hospital, she was not treated for several hours. According to the claim, the medical facility was reckless and negligent in its treatment of the patient, resulting in severe and permanent losses. Having both legs and one arm removed can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. An individual who suffers a similar loss is often unable to return to activities that he or she may have previously enjoyed.

Failure to diagnose a condition has lead to the suffering of many individuals over the years. When facing a similar situation, many individuals in New York choose to seek restitution for losses through a claim against the party deemed negligent. Since this can be complex, many victims speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in the process.

Source: aikenstandard.com, “Aiken Regional Medical Centers hit with $13.75 million judgment“, Tripp Girardeau, March 2, 2017


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