Municipal Liability

Municipal Liability

Many people don’t know that the government, whether federal, state or local, can be held liable for injuries it causes through negligence.

They also may not know that suing the city or state of New York or the U.S. government is different from filing a regular personal injury claim. The procedures and timelines are strictly enforced and the legal issues can be complex. To be successful with this type of lawsuit, claimants should have a knowledgeable attorney with experience handling municipal liability cases.

Call Right Away. Timelines Are Strict.

Learn more about municipal liability in New York City. If you were injured on public property, call a lawyer at Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C. toll free at (800) 724-3537. Call as soon as possible, as you have only 90 days to inform the city of your intent to file a claim.

Examples of Municipal Liability Cases

A municipal liability claim can arise from any injury that occurs on public property and was caused by the city’s negligence. Examples of these types of cases include:

  • Slip-and-falls or trip-and-falls because of wet floors, worn carpet, broken tiles, litter, ice and snow on walkways, and other injury-causing property conditions
  • Inadequate or broken lighting in city-operated parking lots, garages, apartment buildings and parks
  • Motor vehicle accidents involving city buses, ferries or other municipal vehicles
  • Accidents in public schools
  • Injuries resulting from street repairs

We take on cases against the New York City Housing Authority, Health and Human Services and other public agencies. Identifying the liable party can be challenging, as many city-owned buildings and municipal construction projects are managed by subcontractors or other public agencies such as state agencies and even nonprofits. Our law firm has the knowledge and experience to cut through the bureaucracy to determine who was responsible for a client’s injuries.

We Will Fight for You, but We Need Your Help for a Successful Municipal Liability Case

It is critical to capture all the details of your accident right away, before evidence is washed away or memories fade. If you can, write down a detailed description of what happened and include everything, even if you think it’s not relevant. Take pictures. Get the names of witnesses. After you do all these things, call our attorneys to learn about your rights. Contact us by e-mail or call us toll free at (800) 724-3537 for a free initial consultation.

Learn About Accidents and Injuries

Visit our accident information centers. If you see unsafe property conditions on public property that could cause injuries, call 311 or visit 311 Online.