Building Accidents

Building Accidents

If you have suffered a serious slip and fall injury or trip and fall injury while shopping in a retail store or using another place of business, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Your attorney could prove that the property was not designed and built according to New York State building codes, or that the private property owner was negligent in protecting the public from a hazard on the property. Premises liability cases involving fall injuries and falling products are becoming more difficult to win. The courts and juries are growing increasingly sympathetic to property owner rights and more determined to blame the victim.

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The New York personal injury law firm of Kahn Gordon Timko Rodriques P.C., has a successful history of aggressively representing people who have suffered a fall injury in a retail store or business building. We know the strategies that are most effective in making a clear case for damages.

What to Do Before You Call a Lawyer

Your most important first step is to take photographs and record every detail about your accident and fall injury, including writing down the specifics of the condition of the property, dates, names and eyewitness accounts from the scene.

Premises liability injury claims in New York are becoming more difficult every year to settle or win in court. To be successful in a slip and fall lawsuit, your attorney will be required to show that an unsafe condition existed in the building, in the parking ramp or lot or anywhere on the private or government property. It won’t be enough to show cause. Our trial attorneys will work hard to clearly show the effect of your accident, including pain, medical treatment and financial loss.

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