Causes of Truck Accidents

Causes of Truck Accidents

In the hustle and bustle of New York City traffic, truck accidents are common. Every day other drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are injured by a mass of steel crashing down upon them. Injuries from these accidents are often severe, and far too often fatal.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a truck accident, you may ask yourself — how did this happen? How will medical bills be covered? Who is ultimately responsible?

Located in the heart of Manhattan, the law offices of Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C., only handles cases relating to personal injury and wrongful death. By focusing our practice on these specific areas, we are able to offer clients an advanced level of knowledge and trial skills. Our experienced attorneys have successfully recovered compensation for current and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

In cases involving truck accidents, we aggressively investigate the cause. We are determined to hold any and all responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions. Contact our New York car accident attorneys to arrange a free consultation to discuss your legal options. Call 212-227-6260.

Our Commitment to Public Safety: At our firm, we are dedicated to making our city a safer place to live and work. By holding parties accountable for unsafe conditions through personal injury lawsuits, we are essentially safeguarding others from having to experience the same trauma our clients have faced.

We Investigate to Determine Liability

It is a rarity that a truck accident occurs for no reason. Oftentimes, the driver, trucking company and manufacturer are found to be responsible. Working with accident reconstructionists and other skilled professionals, we investigate the cause of your truck accident, often questioning:

  • Did the driver receive adequate initial and on-going safety training?
  • Was the driver fatigued, driven by deadline pressures from the trucking company?
  • Was regular maintenance performed on the truck and accurately documented?
  • Are there any known defective auto parts still in operation on the vehicle?
  • Was the cargo properly loaded?

Once the cause of the truck accident is determined, we work to hold all negligent parties responsible for their carelessness and the resulting harms and losses.

Answers to Your Questions Are Only a Phone Call Away

Injuries resulting from truck accidents, no matter the cause, are often serious. Your life has already been turned upside down. Seeking legal representation doesn’t have to add difficulty. You can be assured that we will remain compassionate and responsive to your family’s needs throughout your case. You will always be in control of your decisions, as we fight to recover the compensation you need to move forward. Call 212-227-6260 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a free consultation.

If you see an unsafe condition on the streets and sidewalks of New York, take action to prevent an unnecessary accident. Call 311 or visit 311 Online. Most trucks have a telephone number painted on the rear to report unsafe driving. Use it. You may save a life.