Distracted Driver Accidents

Distracted Driver Accidents

We see it everywhere. Texting. Eating. Listening to loud music. Reading the newspaper. Putting on makeup. A distracted driver is a dangerous driver. Now, that driver has injured you and you want justice. We do, too.

The law firm of Kahn Gordon Timko & Rodriques P.C., was founded in 1998 with a commitment to vigorously fight to protect the rights of people seriously injured. We want you to receive full and fair compensation for your injuries and we want to prevent the same harm from happening to someone else.

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New York City Is a Haven for Distracted Drivers

Too many drivers think a New York City traffic jam is the perfect time for reading the newspaper or combing their hair. They may turn up the music and even put on their headphones, expecting traffic to take awhile to move. Yet, these activities are precisely the cause of many accidents during rush hour and other times of the day. If drivers are reading or looking at themselves in the mirror, they are not watching the movement of traffic. If the music is too loud or they are concentrating on a phone conversation, they may not be able to hear a police siren or a car horn.

Our Commitment to Public Safety: Our New York City distracted driver accident lawyers are dedicated to making our city a safer place to live and work. By holding distracted drivers accountable for their negligence, we help safeguard others from having to experience the same trauma our clients have faced.

Was the Driver Who Injured You Using a Cellphone?

Currently, it is illegal to text or talk on a cellphone while driving in New York. The only acceptable option is to use a hands-free device while operating a motor vehicle.

If you were injured by a driver who was distracted by texting or holding onto a cellphone, the driver who injured you may face criminal liability. However, the driver’s criminal penalty will not compensate you for your injuries. You must bring a civil personal injury claim to recover damages from the driver’s insurance company. Our New York City distracted driver accident lawyers can help you do that.

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