motor vehicle accident

September 5, 2012

NYC admits it will cause a lot of harm: $735 million forecast for 2012

A lot of bad things can happen in a year and New York City expects to pay out $735 million […]
August 14, 2012

Battle between bikes and cars part of a longstanding history in NYC

The battle between motorized vehicles and pedal-powered rides such as bicycles has been part of life in New York City […]
August 7, 2012

Inexperienced trucker drives into New York City, with frightening results

A trucker who had never driven in New York City before took his rig into Manhattan for the first time, […]
July 11, 2012

City will act to reduce injuries and fatalities on what some call the Boulevard of Death

Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, also known as Seventh Avenue, is a six lane street that cuts through Harlem. Named after […]
February 29, 2012

Watch Out for Roads in Westchester and Rockland Counties

Westchester and Rockland counties have some of the worst – or at least most accident prone – roads in New […]
December 22, 2011

NTSB Advocates for National Rules on Cell Phone Use

A growing cause of motor vehicle accidents is cell phone use. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), distracted […]
November 29, 2011

Brooklyn Residents Seek Help From Police After Multiple Accidents

The intersection where Hall Street crosses Park Avenue is especially dangerous because drivers tend to speed while driving on Park […]
November 24, 2011

Truck Accident Near Syracuse: Driver Failed to Brake

Investigators have found that a semi-truck driver failed to brake, causing an inferno that killed the truck driver and injured […]