new york city

April 23, 2013

Medical errors could increase revenues for hospitals

A recent study found some shocking information about hospital errors, and who pays the costs for those errors. According to […]
April 19, 2013

Deadly workout supplement can’t be banned

In 1994, the Food and Drug Administration was exempt from reviewing and approving dietary supplements. This industry has flourished as […]
April 17, 2013

Major helmet maker loses lawsuit in brain injury case

Many people play high school football. Generally they understand the sport as an aggressive game, but many people still remain […]
April 12, 2013

Airbag explosions could pose injury risk

When people purchase a car, they now look at advanced safety features, often not even considering the quality of other […]
April 10, 2013

NYC sends bike accident victim bill after being hit by police car

When a person is hit by a vehicle, they might be severely injured. They are faced with hospital bills and […]
September 5, 2012

NYC admits it will cause a lot of harm: $735 million forecast for 2012

A lot of bad things can happen in a year and New York City expects to pay out $735 million […]
May 18, 2012

Report: NYC Aggressively Fights Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims are very common in New York City. The city faces approximately 6,400 personal injury lawsuits annually, ranging […]
September 21, 2011

New York City pedestrians at risk of accidents with bicycles

According to a recent study, at least 500 pedestrians are struck by bicyclists each year in New York City alone. […]
September 14, 2011

Black children more likely to suffer fatal injuries in New York

In general, children are more susceptible to accidents and injuries than adults. This is primarily because of adults have more […]